Blending Italian tradition and product innovation to perfection.

Driven by a passion for delightfully rich flavors and authentic ingredients, Valsoia is proud to be the leading Italian producer of plant-based products like our dairy-free gelatos, which offer a delicious alternative to regular dairy-free ice cream.

Imported from Italy

All Valsoia gelato and dessert novelties are imported from Italy, the birthplace of gelato. Our plant-based products are made using top-quality ingredients and traditional methods at our factory, the only completely dairy-free plant in Italy, based in the northern part of the country.

Dairy-free. Compromise free.

Until now, making a lactose-free version of a traditional cow’s milk-based dessert has meant compromising something somewhere. Valsoia rewrites the rules by substituting plant-based milks in authentically Italian gelato recipes. It’s the deliciously decadent dairy-free dessert you’ve been waiting for!

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