A TASTE of Italy that’s 100% Dairy-Free & 100% Delicious

Valsoia brand gelato is a delicious alternative to ordinary lactose-free ice cream. Made with plant-based milks in our Italian factory, Valsoia allows you to indulge in ice cream without compromise.

  • Almond Milk

    The delicate flavor of almonds provides the perfect canvas for a creamy almond milk gelato unmatched by regular lactose-free ice cream.

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  • Cashew Milk

    With a reputation for luxury and flavor, the cashew yields a smooth, velvety plant-based milk that produces gelato unlike any cashew milk ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

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  • Coconut Milk

    Coconut milk provides a creamy base for a range of authentic gelato flavors that will soon make this your favorite coconut milk ice cream.

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    The smooth oat milk provides the perfect canvas for a velvety gelato unlike any other plant-based ice cream you’ve ever tasted!

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Driven by a passion for delightfully rich flavors and authentic ingredients, Valsoia is proud to be the leading Italian producer of plant-based products.

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