COCONUT MILK: Enjoy a spoonful of tropical coconut bliss.

Coconut milk provides a creamy base for a range of authentic gelato flavors that will soon make Valsoia your favorite coconut milk ice cream. The delicate pulp of this fabulous fruit provides the unique flavor of our coconut milk gelato. Mature coconuts provide a creamy milk that helps create the perfect consistency for a smooth non-GMO dairy-free gelato.

  • Mint Chocolate Chip

    Mint and chocolate are a classic combo that’s made even better by being deliciously blended into a plant-based coconut milk gelato. If you’ve been looking for a dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream, you’ve found a winner!

  • Vanilla

    Sometimes simplicity is perfection — that’s the inspiration behind this flavor of our coconut-milk based gelato. A perfect alternative to non-dairy vanilla ice cream.

  • Chocolate

    For many people, nothing beats the flavor of a spoonful of chocolate ice cream. But this chocolate coconut milk gelato may soon become a family favorite.

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