ALMOND MILK: The ultra-smooth texture of everyone’s favorite nut

The delicate flavor of almonds provides the perfect canvas for a creamy almond milk gelato unmatched by regular lactose-free ice cream. Inspired by the traditions of Italy’s master gelato makers, our authentic dairy-free almond milk gelato blends carefully sourced ingredients into a silky-smooth indulgence. Our non-GMO almond milk gelato enjoys a dense, creamy texture that almond milk ice cream just can’t touch.

  • 4 Mini Stecchi Almond

    Italian Mini Bars Dipped in Chocolate

    Smooth vanilla gelato gets a satisfyingly crunchy outer shell after being dipped in delicious chocolate — these dairy-free ice cream bars are the perfect on-the-go delight.

  • 4 Coni Almond

    Italian Cones

    These almond milk frozen dessert novelties feature creamy vanilla gelato wrapped in a crunchy waffle cone and topped with rich cocoa and lightly salted almond crumbles. The ultimate combo!

  • 8 Sandwich Almond

    Sandwich Bars

    Rich cocoa and smooth vanilla effortlessly create a balance of flavors in a perfectly sized dairy-free ice cream bar treat.

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