ALMOND MILK: The ultra-smooth texture of everyone’s favorite nut

The delicate flavor of almonds provides the perfect canvas for a creamy almond milk gelato unmatched by regular lactose-free ice cream. Inspired by the traditions of Italy’s master gelato makers, our authentic dairy-free almond milk gelato blends carefully sourced ingredients into a silky-smooth indulgence. Our non-GMO almond milk gelato enjoys a dense, creamy texture that almond milk ice cream just can’t touch.

  • Vanilla Custard Gelato Pint

    Vanilla Custard Flavor

    The simply delightful taste of natural vanilla is the perfect base for a gelato sundae or an exquisite indulgence all on its own. You’ll make this your go-to non-dairy vanilla ice cream.

  • Non Dairy Vanilla Chocolate Chip Gelato

    Vanilla Chocolate Chip

    Bourbon vanilla pods meet the subtle nutty goodness of almonds for a smooth spoonful of flavor with bites of flaky chocolate chips in this almond milk frozen dessert. A nice twist on the classic non-dairy vanilla ice cream.

  • Salted Caramel Swirl Gelato Ice Cream

    Salted Caramel Swirl

    Sweet with just the right touch of salty in this luxuriously rich almond milk frozen dessert as caramel swirls send your taste buds on an unforgettable ride. Who knew dairy-free ice cream could taste so good?

  • Italian Mini Bars Dipped in Chocolate

    Italian Mini Bars Dipped in Chocolate

    Smooth vanilla gelato gets a satisfyingly crunchy outer shell after being dipped in delicious chocolate — these dairy-free ice cream bars are the perfect on-the-go delight.

  • Vegan Italian Gelato Cones

    Italian Cones

    These almond milk frozen dessert novelties feature creamy vanilla gelato wrapped in a crunchy waffle cone and topped with rich cocoa and lightly salted almond crumbles. The ultimate combo!

  • Italian Dairy Free Sandwich Bars

    Sandwich Bars

    Rich cocoa and smooth vanilla effortlessly create a balance of flavors in a perfectly sized dairy-free ice cream bar treat.

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