A true Italian indulgence<br />ready to take you away.

A true Italian indulgence
ready to take you away.

Any Italian will tell you that a great gelato is a marriage of rich, sumptuous flavor and a light, creamy texture. One taste is all it takes to whisk you away to another place.

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At Valsoia, we promise you
all this and more!

The dairy-free alternative that gelato lovers have been waiting for, we start with carefully sourced non-GMO ingredients. Then, in the tradition of Italy’s master gelato makers, we transform them into a smooth, decadent and delightful inulgence, that proves Italy is really only a taste away.

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As Italians, we’re known for discrimating tastes. If it’s not delicious and indulgent we’d never claim it as our own. But does that mean that if we want to eat healthier foods, we need to sacrifice great taste? NO.

Valsoia, healthy food that never compromises.